Minnesota has gone Wild (and other first month musings)


If at any point during the last three-plus years the Minnesota Wild have tickled your fancy, you’ll concede there’s been an underlying problem that has prevented the club from taking a step into that “next level” category...

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Evan Delshaw, Flickr

Puck This Shit – Shoulder Edition

I was in the middle of writing about how absolutely brilliant Connor McDavid has been through his first 12 games, how his dominance went beyond the scoreboard and displayed itself with his marvel on the ice, his utter contempt for his rookie status, and the feelings of NHL vets in general...

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Image Removal and Patrick Kane

Since No Pucks Given re-launched I had a sneaking suspicion that one of the players in our background was Patrick Kane, throwing said suspicion mostly on the innocent Ovie flying through the air in the bottom right hand corner of the background...

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CC License Hakam Dalstrom

The Return

Welcome back to No Pucks Given! It’s been a while!
For those of you who don’t know what’s up, No Pucks Given is a website. A website about this thing we call hockey. And on this website, we talk hockey...

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